Composition, shoot and animation for a brand film for a Bangalore-based venue. The film explores and demystifies diverse wedding customs from different regions and communities of India. The project was abandoned midway, but the team at Falana Films decided to complete the video as a personal project.
Produced, directed and animated by Falana Films
Compositions, Staging, Animation - Chaitanya Krishnan and Shalaka Pai
Shoot - Aarthi Parthasarathy, Shalaka Pai, Meghna Menon
Production and shoot assistant - Meghna Menon
Script and Edit - Aarthi Parthasarathy
Music and Voiceover - Arjun Chandran
Varun Rajiv, Shruti Chandrasekaran, Chandrasekaran Srinivasan, Simar Kohli, Sidhu Saab, Vishnu Rao, Sudeeptha GV, Deepa Rodrigues, Neeraj Sebastian, Amyth Venkatramaiah, Kaveri Gopalakrishnan, Kamya Sharma, Dilshaad, Savita Pai, Manjunath Pai.
Additional photo credits - Ami and Debo Mukherjee, Manjunath Pai, John Barber
The photographs are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License. 

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